The Album of My Life

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So I am happily wallowing around in Tina Selig’s MOOC Creativity – Music To Your Ears. The first week’s project was to design the album cover of my life. This turned out to be pretty much as impossible as you would think it would be after you applied a bit of thought to the territory you already covered, but it was a lot of fun.

First I brainstormed for titles:

  • Emerging [ditched – too obvious]
  • Mauses On The Loose [ditched – not obvious enough]
  • Alb, Um, Huh? [ditched – only funny to me cause I knows that I didn’t have any idea where the Schwabisch Alb was until I moved to the area.]
  • Technosity [ditched – really, it’s a song for my playlist, not the title of the album of my life]
  • The Cosmic View [ditched – same as above]
  • Not a Cowboy, Not an Indian [I really liked this one a lot. I thought it pointed to my independent tendency to see all sides of an issue and not take the “solidarity” standpoint. I tried this on several people who know me well and they all shook their heads and said “huh?”. Confuse me, I’ll delve deeper into this response another day.]

Here’s what I finally turned in for peer review:

And, if I wrote songs/lyrics, here, (for extra points!) are the titles of the songs I would write and perform for the album of my life.

  1. The KC LotaWater Shuffle
  2. Not a Cowboy, Not an Indian [Taking the Cosmic View]
  3. [Where did you say you are?]
  4. RocketMaus, Baby You Are Not Alone
  5. Manche nehmen’s Gelassen
  6. Technosity
  7. Birds of a Feather [Feat. The Dancing Planelopes]
  8. Right Now – The Moment I’ve Been Waiting For

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